US urged to be sincere in relations with China

China urged the United States to show sincerity in bilateral communication and take practical steps to bring China-US relations back to the right track, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said on Monday. 

Mao made the remarks after US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that he expected ties with China to improve "very shortly", dismissing an alleged "spy balloon "incident that caused a diplomatic spat earlier this year as "silly".

Biden said that his administration is considering lifting sanctions on Defense Minister Li Shangfu, removing one barrier to a potential meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Beijing and Washington have maintained necessary communication, Mao told a regular news conference. She added that China firmly opposes any illegal and unilateral sanctions, and has expressed its solemn stance on this to the US side.

"If, on the one hand, the US asks for communication, yet on the other, suppresses and contains China by every possible means, and imposes sanctions on Chinese officials, institutions and companies, what is the sincerity and meaning of such communication?" she asked.

The US should roll back sanctions immediately, overcome the obstacles and create favorable conditions for dialogue, she said.

Mao urged the US to correct its perception of China, and stop interfering in China's internal affairs and undermining China's sovereignty, security and development interests.

Also on Monday, the Foreign Ministry welcomed a decision by the World Health Assembly on refusing Taiwan's participation in this year's assembly, urging relevant countries to stop politicizing health issues and stop using the Taiwan question to interfere in China's internal affairs.

The General Committee and the Plenary Session of the 76th WHA have decided to reject the so-called proposal of "inviting Taiwan to participate in the WHA as an observer "submitted by certain countries. This year's annual assembly runs from May 21 through May 30.

The decision fully shows that the one-China principle has international support and represents the prevailing trend that cannot be challenged, the ministry said in a statement.

In disregard of the well-being of the people of Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party authorities put countries having so-called "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan up to making the proposal, while certain countries encouraged and supported this move, it said.

These egregious acts deliberately violated international rules and have been unanimously opposed by countries that uphold justice, the statement added.

Before the opening of the conference, nearly 100 countries expressed their commitment to the one-China principle and opposition to Taiwan's participation in the assembly by sending letters to the World Health Organization and issuing statements, it said.

China urges certain countries not to pretend to be confused, and stop the erroneous practice of using Taiwan to contain China, the ministry said.

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, urged the DPP authorities to stop political manipulation on Taiwan-related issues in the WHO, saying that any actions that challenge the one-China principle are doomed to fail.